Sunny portraits at the Baltic Sea


on our trip to the Baltic Sea a couple of weeks ago we finally got lucky and were able to catch some sunshine. We spend one week on a small island north of Hamburg. It's quite a gorgeous place especially this tim of the year. Dark blue skies accompanied with golden fields of rye circled by the azure sea. The whole place has an incredibly calming and relaxing atmosphere so it's the perfect Big-City-Detox. 


Of course I wanted to use the opportunity to get outside and shoot some pictures.  These pictures were from of first day, approximately 30 minutes before sunset, all shot on my 85mm:

The next day we took the bikes along the seaside. Following a little trail we arrived at a very picturesque lighthouse just in time when the light became softer and warmer.

We tried a few different things to make the most out of that fantastic scenery. Again pretty much all of these are shot 85mm between, f1.4 and f2.8. For portraits during sunset I usually shot facing away from the sun to get that very smooth and warm fill light. Usually I cool my pictures down a little bit in Lightroom as I personally don't like that overly warm and saturated feel. 

Another day we were lucky to get a boat and explore the surroundings via sea. The Baltic Sea is a top spot for all sorts of water-sports like sailing, wind- or kite-surfing. On a good day the sea ir most likely busier than the land.   

I carried my camera and a 50mm in a waterproof bag. These shots were takes probably at noon so the light was pretty harsh. The camera was set to burst and I was holding it from the boat pretty close to the water surface to get an interesting perspective. Unfortunately focussing on the rear monitor in bright daylight while leaning over the rail of a boat was pretty tricky, but still quite a lot of fun.

These photos were taken pretty much right outside our house on our last evening. 

And finally a map in case you want to go there yourself: