A Weekend in Dorset

Hi all,

I haven’t really written anything in this journal for quite some time now. This blog post isn’t really a travel blog. When we went on this little weekend break I wasn’t sure if I would take any pictures, it was more about spending some time with friends, catching up and enjoying the nice sunny weather. But when I came back and started editing the pictures I really fell in love with them. So I wanted to put them out here just so I can always come back to them and remember what an amazing weekend this was.


We started this weekend by taking the train from London to Southampton where we rented a car and continued our journey west towards Dorset. Dorset is a county in southwest England, mostly famous for it’s steep and ragged coastline along the English Channel.

The first spot we wanted to visit is called Old Harry Rocks. It’s a very unique chalkstone formation that looks like huge pillars and spikes standing just off shore. The spot is located about 3 miles outside of Poole, there’s a pub and a carpark very close by.

Another really famous spot in Dorset is Durdle Door. It’s a natural limestone arch just a few meters off shore, surrounded by steep cliffs and a long sandy beach. As it is quite popular it tends to get quite busy so we came quite late in the day and most people had already left. Also the sunset there just looks really beautiful.

It’s quite hard to get to via public transport so I’d definitely recommend a car, particularly if you’re staying until after sunset. There’s a spacious carpark from which is just a short walk down the cliffs. If you go there don’t forget to check out the Man O'War Beach on the other side where it’s usually much quieter.


The next day we wanted to explore the Isle of Portland in the south of Dorset. We went for a really beautiful hike along the coast near Rufus Castle. It was a really warm and sunny day and luckily there was a little cafe on the castle grounds that sold ice-cream and milkshakes.

For sunset we went to Blacknor Fort on the westside of Portland. It’s quite a popular spot among rock climbers and there are a lot of really nice cliffs to watch the sun go down.

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See you soon!