5 Reasons to visit Barcelona


last weeks we spent 5 amazing days in beautiful Barcelona. It's an incredible vibrant place packed with inspiring architecture, a seemingly endless beach, fantastic food and loads of little alleys which are just waiting to be explored.  And I have to admit that 5 days probably can't to justice to city like that. However these are my top 5 reasons why everyone should have visited this urban playground at least once:

1. The Alley Maze

First thing you will find yourself trapped in after you've left the high streets: A never-ending maze of little alleys and back streets. You can most likely walk for hours without hitting the same spot twice. It's great for street photography, food and shopping. So loose yourself, let your curiosity guide you and you sure will discover something unique.

2. Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia

Ok, we've all seen cathedrals. We've been in big ones, small ones, photographed them from every possible angle, we've seen medieval churches, gothic chapels, renaissance sanctuaries, baroque temples, we've simple seen them all. But I guarantee you, you've never been to a cathedral like the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece.  

But that's by far not the only place Gaudi designed. You can find spot all over the city that were designed or at least inspired by him.

3. The Markets

Personally I love markets. Not necessarily for the food but I just love the atmosphere. And the Mercado de La Boqueria right in the heart of Barcelona is literally buzzing. It's packed with little stalls and people buying and selling everything the catalan cousin has to offer. 

4. Tibidabo

I was looking forward to visiting this place for quite a while now. An amusement park on the top of a hill overlooked by a majestic gothic church? And did I mention the cable car that brings you all the way up? Sounds pretty amazing to me. 

5. The Nightlife

When the night sets over Barcelona the city becomes even more colourful. Almost every building is illuminated of some sort, there are light-beams and coloured fountains, street music and a warm breeze. So that stroll after dinner will definitely be worth it. 

So don't get me wrong, there are possible a million more reasons to visit Barcelona. These 5 are just an appetizer. Go there and discover yourself, you won't regret it.