Summer Vibes in Copenhagen

Hej everyone,

I have to admit, when we arrived at Copenhagen Central Station we we relatively unprepared. The occasion of our visit was my Dad's birthday and both of us had been quite busy just days before the trip. But the Danish capital welcomed us with open arms and even better weather. 

I'm not sure if it was due to the fantastic weather but the people in Copenhagen are incredibly friendly and welcoming, waving and smiling for pictures and always willing to help. And even though it's Denmark's most populated city with over a million habitants, it rarely feels busy or overcrowded. Sure, central hubs like the station and malls can become pretty packed but there are plenty of quiet spots around the waterfront that will invite you to stop by and unwind. 


We booked a guided cycling tour that would take us conveniently around the city and to the most scenic places. I would also recommend a boat tour which goes through the canals of Copenhagen and offers a slightly different view on the city.

One of the best things to end a hot summer day is by taking a jump into the harbour pond. Copenhagen has officially declared the water as clean enough for the public, so definitely join the locals as they go for a swim in the city.