Welcome to Bali


Welcome back to the second part of our Indonesia itinerary. After a few days in Singapore it was time to move South. From Changi Airport it takes about 2.5 hours to fly to Denpasar In Bali. Our first accommodation was situated in the South of the island. Best way to get there from the airport was by local taxi. We booked all our rooms with AirBnb, it was super convenient and there are some amazing places, definitely worth checking out.


Day 1

We arrived at our accommodation in the early afternoon. After a refreshing swim in the pool and a quick lunch at the bar we took a cab to the famous Pura Luhur Temple. The temple is also quite often called monkey temple because there are lots of wild monkeys in the trees and on the terraces. Particularly for sunset hours the view from the temple and the surrounds is quite spectacular. There's a small admission (~3£pp), also be careful with your belongings as monkeys likely will attempt to steal any loose items like sunglasses or earrings. 


What we noticed quite quickly was that days near the equator are a lot shorter than what we were used to. Sunset was around 6:30pm and it was almost pitch black by 7pm. So it's definitely worth getting up early and making the most of the days.

Also if you're in the South pay a visit at Single Fin Surf Club. Super quirky and vibrant atmosphere, affordable food and cocktails and a great view over the ocean. 

Day 2

We got up earl to get some picture of the sunrise. The hotel had an amazing pool that was build right on the cliff edge and overlooking the ocean. Also at that time of day we pretty much had the pool for ourself. 

After breakfast we decided to visit the nearby Balangan Beach. There are plenty of surf schools and bars at the beach to rent surfboards and buy some food and drinks. Great way to spend an afternoon

Day 3

For our third day we had booked a tour with Jefta from Bali Blest Tours. The tour was for 2 days, so for the first day we wanted to explore the South of Bali a bit more. For the first stop on the tour Jefta took us to Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Visiting waterfalls in Bali was an absolutely amazing and rewarding experience. It's felt great hiking through the jungle and climbing over boulders and through caves and finally arriving at a refreshing waterfall. 

Next stop was the Tirta Gangga Water Temple. There are plenty of fountains and ponds with fish. You can buy food to feed the fish and there is a pool for swimming. Within the temple area is a quite nice restaurant that overlooks the temple, great for lunch or a coffee break. 

The last stop for the day was Lempuyang Temple. It's build into the slop of the summit of Mount Lempuyang and the view particularly at sunset is simply spectacular. Quite often it's also referred to as Gates of Heaven.


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