Doi Inthanon

Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand


after three wild and warm days in Bangkok we flew to Chiang Mai, one of the largest cities in Northern Thailand. Even though Chiang Mai is located very up North and on high altitudes, temperatures are still well above European standards. 


Chiang Mai is well known all around the world for being a social hub for artists, writers and other creatives. The streets are filled with coffeeshops and little markets inviting you to wander and explore. 

Once a year the people of Chiang Mai celebrate Loi Krathong during which little baskets of flowers with candles are floated on the river. Additionally the whole city is decorated with lights and lanterns.

The next day we headed to the Doi Inthanon National Park approximately 40 miles west of Chiang Mai. It's the highest mountain range of Thailand, going from 800m all the way to 2500m in altitude. Featuring on of the largest waterfalls in the country it is quite a spectacular sight. 

Next day we continued our journey towards Phuket in the South of Thailand. If you want to see more photos and travel updates please follow us on Instagram. Also check out what we did in Bangkok. See you soon.