A weekend in Amsterdam


welcome back everyone hello from the Netherlands. Amsterdam had been on our list for quite some time. Romantic walks along the canals and cosy little cafes is definitely something we love to do on a lazy weekend. Luckily Amsterdam is just a train ride away from London. We took a very early train and arrived at Amsterdam Central Station just before lunch. We were greeted by a lovely summer day, so we quickly dropped off our luggage at the hotel and headed for the town centre.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and also the most populated city of the country with a population just under 1 million. As we were only staying for a few days we decided to focus our visit on the historic old town of Amsterdam.


When we arrived, the city spring was still in full swing. All trees and flowers were still very lush and green, which together with the colourful buildings along the canals was just so beautiful. We wandered along the canals for a few hours without much of a plan, stopped here and there for lunch and a coffee break. Definitely check out Herengracht, Brouwersgracht and Keizersgracht.

A great sport for sunsets is Leliegracht at the west of the old town. In June the sun sets perfectly in line with the canal. We did a late lunch at SLA Salad Bar, some great veggie friendly salat bowls and freshly made smoothies.

Night photography in Amsterdam had been on my list for quite some time. All the beautiful reflections in the canals just look a lot nicer at night. The corner Keizersgracht/Leidsegracht is probably one of the most iconic spots in Amsterdam and looks even prettier at night.

The next morning started a little grey and rainy, so we slept in and had a relaxed breakfast at Luza's Caffeine Club. We then explored the sweet side of Amsterdam: We went for some Stroopwafels from Confectionery Lanskroon and got some chocolate cookies from Van Stapele Koekmakerij. Great way to spend a rainy morning.

A little secluded sight of Amsterdam is Begijnhof. Nice little spot for a break and escape the busy high streets. In the afternoon the sky was looking a little brighter and the sun started to come through the clouds again. We went for a great lunch at the Vegan Junk Food Bar.


For sunset we went to Brouwersgracht, just a few blocks North of Leliegracht.


The next morning started late again at a cafe called The Avocado Show. Quite nice food and coffee that’s focused on, you guessed it, avocados. This has become quite popular in recent years, so if you’re planning to come with more that 2 people maybe book a table.

After breakfast we strolled through Vondelpark northwest of the old town. Very relaxed vibe, there was also a free open air concert going on. We almost got caught by a heavy rain shower so we took shelter a little cafe nearby called Coffee Concepts.

Little fun fact on the side: There’s a trampoline embedded in the side walk at 75 Ruysdaelkade. Very bouncy and even more fun.

In the afternoons we headed North to the other side of the river. There’s a great view from the A’DAM Lookout only a short free ferry ride away. To get tickets for the A’DAM a little bit cheaper have a look online. Later in the afternoon it’s definitely quite pretty and also not too busy.

This sums up our 3 days in the dutch capital. If you want see more travel pictures swing by our Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon!