Rome - La Dolce Vita

You may have the universe if I may have Italy
— Giuseppe Verdi, in a dialogue with God

You may think that this old guy had no idea what he was talking about. I thought so. Well it took only a few day to completely change my mind.

Rome in summer in an incredibly vibrant place. Walking through the street and little alleys of Rome there's always something to discover, some street artists, an amazing hidden gelato place or another astounding piece of ancient Roman architecture. Especially at nighttimes when temperatures become more comfortable a stroll through the streets almost feels like stepping back in time.

Here are a few highlights:

In terms of food, expectations have been quite high and I have to admit, it's gonna be damn hard to beat the Italian Cuisine. No matter where we went, what we ordered the food has always been fantastic. If you are going to get Carbonara, you gonna be spoilt for the rest of you life but it's absolutely worth it. 

And then of course there's ice-cream. Loads of gorgeous creamy ice-cream.

So all in all, Rome, 5 stars.