Hitting the Slopes: Ski Trip to Austria


when we got off the plane in Innsbruck, things weren't quite as white as we expected. Instead of a fluffy layer of snow it was mostly grey and foggy. Being located roughly 570m above sea-level this isn't really unusual but as we continued our journey via train towards the Zillertal the fog quickly grew into a tick layer of mist. But still, the weather forecast promised blue skies and sunshine, unfortunately preceded by two days of heavy snowing. So after two foggy days with almost zero sight the sun finally broke through the clouds and revealed the snow covered slopes surrounded by untouched powder.


The Zillertal is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps. The valley is based at around 600m above sea-level with the surrounding summits and connected skiing area rising from 1200m to almost 3000m. During winter season it is hugely popular among skiers from all over Europe.