Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters


after weeks of dark and grey weather spring finally arrived in London. Just in time for our weekend trip to Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters, both located just a few miles south of London. The Seven Sisters are named after the seven highest peaks in the chalkstone cliffs and offer an impressive view over the Sussex coast.

After spending the morning walking along the scenic cliff we headed east towards the lovely seaside resort Eastbourne. The Victorian style seafront and the pier are perfect for a laid back coffee or lunch in the sun. All in all definitely worth a visit, especially since its only 1.5 hours on the train from London.

Daytrip to Hastings


another great weekend trip recommendation: Hastings. It's about an hour and a half from Charing Cross Station and cost approximately 30£., and Hastings Station is only minutes away from the beach. Additionally Hastings has a stunning scenery to offer: From the ruins of Hastings Castle you have an amazing view over the sea, on clear days you can see miles along the coast. 


In order to get to the caste you can either walk or take the cliff railway for 2.50£ (incl. return). The admission for the castle is 4.50£ and the view is quite nice. On the way back down the cliff you should make your way through the old town and stop for some lovely antique shops and some pasties in one of the cafes. 

Weekend break in Cornwall

The most amazing thing about Cornwall if you're from London? It's pretty much next door. We took the trains from Reading and within a few hours it feels like you're in a different country. Instead of urban landscapes the train passes through lush fields and azure skies. But first if you're not from this continent, let me show you a map:


If you have time and a car Kynance Cove close to The Lizard is doubtlessly worth a visit. If you come in the late afternoon you will be rewarded with a stunning scenery and some marvellous light. In terms of equipment I would recommend a wide-angle for landscapes and potentially a nice portrait lens (50mm-120mm) to take some pictures of your loved ones. Bare in mind that the tide levels vary quite a bit so don't let you camera-bag unattended at the beach otherwise it might get wet.