The Canaries Diary Part II: La Graciosa

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welcome back to Part II of the Canaries Diary. Here's a link to Part I and all the things we did on Lanzarote

We spend the night in Orzola on Lanzarote before getting up at sunrise to take the ferry to La Graciosa. It's one of the northern islands of the Canaries and also one of the smallest inhabited part of the archipelago. Only about 700 people live permanently on the island, most live from tourism. There are no roads on La Graciosa, the only way to get around is by foot or to hire one of the 4x4 taxis. 


The first thing we noticed when we got of the ferry was the wind. Particularly around the harbour the wind blows violently through the little village. Since we didn't have time for breakfast we went to the first cafe which happened to be the only cafe in town. The entire town is pretty small, you can easily walk from on end to the other in less than 10 minutes. There's a little supermarket, a few restaurants and shops. 

After checking into our AirBnb ("Quiet apartment in La Graciosa Island") for the night we decided to take a tour around the island. Tours are offered by locals and usually start at the harbour and const about 50€. We shared the tour with a few others so it ended up being less that 10€ per person. The tour takes you pretty much all around the whole island, stopping at all the most popular sights. 

The highlight of the tour is definitely Playa De Las Conchas on the southern side of the island. It's very remote and hence not many people get there. It was probably one of the best experiences of the entire trip, we even came back later to watch the sunset.

The next day started a little less windy, so after breakfast and coffee we decided to hike up one of the volcanic mountains close to Playa De Las Conchas. They're not very high, but steep and the ground is very slippery. The view on top is absolutely worth it. 

To sum up the experience on La Graciosa, it feels a lot further away from Europe than Lanzarote. There are no tour busses or hotels, most of the tourists are backpackers. Especially after 5pm when the last ferry to Lanzarote left the island turns quiet. The weather and landscape is a lot rougher, the waves bigger and the currents stronger. The whole islands feels a lot more african than european. For me La Graciosa was definitely the highlight of the whole trip. 

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Sitges - A beach day trip from Barcelona

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Our last trip to the amazing city of Barcelona already feels long gone, the leaves on the trees in London are continuously making their way down for autumn. So it's just about time to get back that summer feeling with some sunny pictures from our day-trip to Sitges.

Sitges is about 30 minutes train-ride away from Barcelona and costs just about 8€ for a return ticket. The train sets you off right in the middle of the historic old town, just follow the road downhill which will bring you directly to the beach. The waterfront is overlooked by the quite iconic Church of Sant Bartomeu. Sitges is a really welcoming and open place with lot's of little shops and restaurants, most of them are open till late at night. And while you're there, definitely try the seafood, it's pretty fantastic. 

So next time you're in or around Barcelona, pack your swimsuit and your camera, cause this little catalan gem is undeniably worth a visit.

5 Reasons to visit Barcelona


last weeks we spent 5 amazing days in beautiful Barcelona. It's an incredible vibrant place packed with inspiring architecture, a seemingly endless beach, fantastic food and loads of little alleys which are just waiting to be explored.  And I have to admit that 5 days probably can't to justice to city like that. However these are my top 5 reasons why everyone should have visited this urban playground at least once:

1. The Alley Maze

First thing you will find yourself trapped in after you've left the high streets: A never-ending maze of little alleys and back streets. You can most likely walk for hours without hitting the same spot twice. It's great for street photography, food and shopping. So loose yourself, let your curiosity guide you and you sure will discover something unique.

2. Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia

Ok, we've all seen cathedrals. We've been in big ones, small ones, photographed them from every possible angle, we've seen medieval churches, gothic chapels, renaissance sanctuaries, baroque temples, we've simple seen them all. But I guarantee you, you've never been to a cathedral like the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece.  

But that's by far not the only place Gaudi designed. You can find spot all over the city that were designed or at least inspired by him.

3. The Markets

Personally I love markets. Not necessarily for the food but I just love the atmosphere. And the Mercado de La Boqueria right in the heart of Barcelona is literally buzzing. It's packed with little stalls and people buying and selling everything the catalan cousin has to offer. 

4. Tibidabo

I was looking forward to visiting this place for quite a while now. An amusement park on the top of a hill overlooked by a majestic gothic church? And did I mention the cable car that brings you all the way up? Sounds pretty amazing to me. 

5. The Nightlife

When the night sets over Barcelona the city becomes even more colourful. Almost every building is illuminated of some sort, there are light-beams and coloured fountains, street music and a warm breeze. So that stroll after dinner will definitely be worth it. 

So don't get me wrong, there are possible a million more reasons to visit Barcelona. These 5 are just an appetizer. Go there and discover yourself, you won't regret it.