Why you should visit Lisbon


welcome back to another travel update, this time from the beautiful city of Lisbon. We stayed for 5 nights and we really had a fantastic time. Lisbon is a truly warm and welcoming place, we met a lot of really nice people and I would highly recommend to bump up Lisbon on you bucket list.

Lisbon is located at the Tagus river at the west coast of Portugal. Most of the year temperatures are warm and comforting during the day and refreshingly chilly at night. Although Lisbon is right at the ocean there aren't any beaches nearby the city centre but there are some beautiful waterfronts just a short minute train ride away.


For me a lot of the beauty come from the fact that Lisbon still has that dreamy feel like traveling back in time. Quite often we just wandered around in the old town just to stumble upon another stunning viewpoint over the city.    

I highly recommend an early morning walk, before most shops open and tourist swarm on the streets. So get up at dusk and make your way to the Elevator of Santa Justa. It's pretty much an old elevator that connects the lower streets with the higher streets of Lisbon. From the top you have an amazing view over the city. Later during the day queues get really long so definitely be there early.

Getting up before the crowds is rewarding in two ways. Firstly all the streets are empty and second- and most importantly, the light is just gentle and beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful light - If you're looking for an amazing sunset spot go to the São Jorge Castle and the top of Alfama. You'll need to get a ticket so be there at least 1 hour before sunset. The area of the caste is quite spacious so there's a lot to explore. When the sun finally sets make your way to the eastern wall of the castle for a stunning view over Lisbon and the bay. 

And there's a lot more to discover:

1. Visit the Church of São Vicente of Fora on the westside of Alfama. For a small admission you'll find a romantic, almost forgotten monastery that features some beautiful architecture and a fantastic view from the roof.

2. Take the train or tram to the district of Belém. From the station you can stroll along the waterfront until you reach the Tower of Belém. We didn't go inside the tower but went straight to the nearby Jerónimos Monastery.

3. Last but not least, if you have time visit the Cristo Rei Statue south of the river. The view over the bay, the suspension bridge and Lisbon is simply unforgettable. We took a cab from downtown Lisbon but the traffic can be pretty bad, particularly at peak hours. There's also a ferry that operates between both sides of the river.

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The New York City Digest

Hi all,

after coming back from New York City I went through the pictures and I really have to say that four days can't do justice to such a big city. I was actually pleasantly surprised how beautiful a lot of the pictures turned out. I was also the first time I took the Sony A7rii out for a field test. 

On the first day it was incredibly hot. With temperatures well above 30°C we started the day in the Central Park. We also made our first encounter with the New York City Subway. 

After a few hours of strolling around the park and at least three stops for coffee (jetlag!) we headed downtown for Grand Central Station. 

It was already late afternoon by the time we left the station, and temperatures we're still climbing, and so was the amount of people on the streets. A lunch break was well overdue so we went to the nearest park for a sandwich and (more) coffee. 

After a few hours of rest and some New York City burgers we decided to end the day on the roof of the Empire State Building. We deliberately arrived there quite late around 9.30pm to avoid the queues and get some nice shots of the New York Skyline with all the citylights on.  

Conveniently Times Square was right next door so we took some snaps and enjoyed the famous scenery. It was also almost midnight and streets were still packed. They don't call it "The city that never sleeps" for no reason.

The next day started grey and rainy. And rainy days are usually an excellent opportunity for some culture, so we decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The museum itself is quite gigantic and we easily spend a few hours exploring everything from Roman Statues to Egyptian tombs.

Not to far from the Metropolitan Museum of Arts is the 9/11 Memorial. The adjacent and mostly underground museum surrounds the former foundation of the twin towers. It's quite an impressive and agitating exhibition and definitely worth a visit.

When we woke up the following day the sun was out again. The Metropolitan Museum of Arts also features a quite amazing rooftop that overlooks Central Park. 

After another stroll through Central Park we took the subway further downtown. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon exploring Lower Manhattan and the East Village. 

From Whitehall Street at the northern tip of Manhattan you can take the Staten Island Ferry completely free of charge for a tour around the Lower Hudson Bay. 

The last sunset we spent in good New York tradition under the Brooklyn Bridge. To sum up the experience we had and now that I'm looking at the pictures back at home I wish I have had a little more time to discover in particular New York's quieter sides, parks and cafes. 

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Summer Vibes in Copenhagen

Hej everyone,

I have to admit, when we arrived at Copenhagen Central Station we we relatively unprepared. The occasion of our visit was my Dad's birthday and both of us had been quite busy just days before the trip. But the Danish capital welcomed us with open arms and even better weather. 

I'm not sure if it was due to the fantastic weather but the people in Copenhagen are incredibly friendly and welcoming, waving and smiling for pictures and always willing to help. And even though it's Denmark's most populated city with over a million habitants, it rarely feels busy or overcrowded. Sure, central hubs like the station and malls can become pretty packed but there are plenty of quiet spots around the waterfront that will invite you to stop by and unwind. 


We booked a guided cycling tour that would take us conveniently around the city and to the most scenic places. I would also recommend a boat tour which goes through the canals of Copenhagen and offers a slightly different view on the city.

One of the best things to end a hot summer day is by taking a jump into the harbour pond. Copenhagen has officially declared the water as clean enough for the public, so definitely join the locals as they go for a swim in the city.

Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters


after weeks of dark and grey weather spring finally arrived in London. Just in time for our weekend trip to Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters, both located just a few miles south of London. The Seven Sisters are named after the seven highest peaks in the chalkstone cliffs and offer an impressive view over the Sussex coast.

After spending the morning walking along the scenic cliff we headed east towards the lovely seaside resort Eastbourne. The Victorian style seafront and the pier are perfect for a laid back coffee or lunch in the sun. All in all definitely worth a visit, especially since its only 1.5 hours on the train from London.

Sitges - A beach day trip from Barcelona

Hi guys,

Our last trip to the amazing city of Barcelona already feels long gone, the leaves on the trees in London are continuously making their way down for autumn. So it's just about time to get back that summer feeling with some sunny pictures from our day-trip to Sitges.

Sitges is about 30 minutes train-ride away from Barcelona and costs just about 8€ for a return ticket. The train sets you off right in the middle of the historic old town, just follow the road downhill which will bring you directly to the beach. The waterfront is overlooked by the quite iconic Church of Sant Bartomeu. Sitges is a really welcoming and open place with lot's of little shops and restaurants, most of them are open till late at night. And while you're there, definitely try the seafood, it's pretty fantastic. 

So next time you're in or around Barcelona, pack your swimsuit and your camera, cause this little catalan gem is undeniably worth a visit.

5 Reasons to visit Barcelona


last weeks we spent 5 amazing days in beautiful Barcelona. It's an incredible vibrant place packed with inspiring architecture, a seemingly endless beach, fantastic food and loads of little alleys which are just waiting to be explored.  And I have to admit that 5 days probably can't to justice to city like that. However these are my top 5 reasons why everyone should have visited this urban playground at least once:

1. The Alley Maze

First thing you will find yourself trapped in after you've left the high streets: A never-ending maze of little alleys and back streets. You can most likely walk for hours without hitting the same spot twice. It's great for street photography, food and shopping. So loose yourself, let your curiosity guide you and you sure will discover something unique.

2. Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia

Ok, we've all seen cathedrals. We've been in big ones, small ones, photographed them from every possible angle, we've seen medieval churches, gothic chapels, renaissance sanctuaries, baroque temples, we've simple seen them all. But I guarantee you, you've never been to a cathedral like the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece.  

But that's by far not the only place Gaudi designed. You can find spot all over the city that were designed or at least inspired by him.

3. The Markets

Personally I love markets. Not necessarily for the food but I just love the atmosphere. And the Mercado de La Boqueria right in the heart of Barcelona is literally buzzing. It's packed with little stalls and people buying and selling everything the catalan cousin has to offer. 

4. Tibidabo

I was looking forward to visiting this place for quite a while now. An amusement park on the top of a hill overlooked by a majestic gothic church? And did I mention the cable car that brings you all the way up? Sounds pretty amazing to me. 

5. The Nightlife

When the night sets over Barcelona the city becomes even more colourful. Almost every building is illuminated of some sort, there are light-beams and coloured fountains, street music and a warm breeze. So that stroll after dinner will definitely be worth it. 

So don't get me wrong, there are possible a million more reasons to visit Barcelona. These 5 are just an appetizer. Go there and discover yourself, you won't regret it.

Daytrip to Hastings


another great weekend trip recommendation: Hastings. It's about an hour and a half from Charing Cross Station and cost approximately 30£., and Hastings Station is only minutes away from the beach. Additionally Hastings has a stunning scenery to offer: From the ruins of Hastings Castle you have an amazing view over the sea, on clear days you can see miles along the coast. 


In order to get to the caste you can either walk or take the cliff railway for 2.50£ (incl. return). The admission for the castle is 4.50£ and the view is quite nice. On the way back down the cliff you should make your way through the old town and stop for some lovely antique shops and some pasties in one of the cafes. 

Weekend break in Cornwall

The most amazing thing about Cornwall if you're from London? It's pretty much next door. We took the trains from Reading and within a few hours it feels like you're in a different country. Instead of urban landscapes the train passes through lush fields and azure skies. But first if you're not from this continent, let me show you a map:


If you have time and a car Kynance Cove close to The Lizard is doubtlessly worth a visit. If you come in the late afternoon you will be rewarded with a stunning scenery and some marvellous light. In terms of equipment I would recommend a wide-angle for landscapes and potentially a nice portrait lens (50mm-120mm) to take some pictures of your loved ones. Bare in mind that the tide levels vary quite a bit so don't let you camera-bag unattended at the beach otherwise it might get wet.