A Summer Day in Brick Lane


apologies for totally neglecting this part of the blog for such a long time. It's been a busy year and we've seen so many amazing places that we almost had no time to spend some time in and around London. I've only been to Brick Lane once a couple of years ago and I didn't bring my camera, however I promised myself to come back.


Brick Lane is located in East London just a short walk from Moorgate Station. It's known for it's colourful markets and streets food and since everything's open on the weekend it's simply ideal for a lazy Sunday stroll.

You'll quickly notice Brick Lane is an incredibly vibrant but at the same time it's also fascinatingly messy and confusing place, it feels like ever inch of the streets is filled with stalls and popup stores, musicians and street artists sharing the sidewalks with fashion-week celebrities and wannabes. As a street photographer you're just going to love it.