covent garden

"Heartbeat": 100,000 Balloons

The artist and photographer Charles Pétillion has recently unveiled an outdoor installation which consists of 100,000 self illuminated balloons forming a gigantic glowing cumulus cloud at the ceiling of Covent Garden. He called his work "Heartbeat" which will be part of the upcoming London Design Festival

For me this was the perfect opportunity get the the 50mm back on the streets:

An evening in Covent Garden

On my way home I decided to make a little detour though Covent Garden. Especially on late Saturday afternoon this place is always very vibrant. Especially around dusk the light simply becomes incredible, coming through the glass ceiling on the old Market Hall and covering the little stalls in somewhat magical golden colours. However this time I missed the Golden Hour, therefore the Black & White shots. Enjoy.

Southbank & Covent Garden

Southbank and Covent Garden are probably my favourite spots when it comes to Street Photography in London. They are incredible vibrant, there are always street artists performing (the ones that are actually fun and don't try to nick you wallet), there are little markets like the book sale below Waterloo Bridge and there are a lot of little cafes in case you get thirsty.